Wednesday, November 28, 2012

IBM Websphere MQ - MQRC_ENVIRONMENT_ERROR 2012 occurs intermittently

In the reported case, MQRC_ENVIRONMENT_ERROR 2012 is coming from the local queue manager when a WebSphere MQ Java client attempts to do an MQCTL call.


Suddenly the WebSphere Application Server (WSAS) stops getting messages from the MQ queue.

The WSAS control region log contains:

    JMSCMQ0002: The method 'MQCTL' failed.

    Caused by: JMSCMQ0001: WebSphere MQ call
    failed with compcode '2' ('MQCC_FAILED') reason '2012'


A slip dump showed that the async consume thread TCB ended. In logrec, the TCB hit an ABENDS0D7 RC25 abend in BMC module MQTRFGST followed by an ABENDS0C1 in BMC module MMAHPCST. The S0D7 and S0C1 are the reason for the async consume thread ending, which causes the MQCTL to fail with MQRC 2012.

Diagnosing the problem

A slip was provided by the support center to get a dump in CSQBSRV when the MQRC 2012 occurs.

Resolving the problem

Recycling the MDB Listener on the servers to clear the problem.

Contact vendor BMC regarding fix BPL2067.

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